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Approved Fine Arts Courses

The URL for this web page is http://uac.uta.edu/finearts.htm.

Students should meet appropriate prerequisites before enrolling in courses.

ARCH 1301 Introduction to Architecture and the Design Professions I
ARCH 2300 Masterworks of Western Architecture
ARCH 2303 History of Architecture and Design I
ARCH 2304 History of Architecture and Design II
ARCH 4305 The City of Rome
ARCH 4308 History of Urban Form
ARCH 4309 The City of London
ARCH 4310 American Architecture
ART 1301 Art Appreciation
ART 1309 Art of the Western World I: Greece through Renaissance
ART 1310 Art of the Western World II: Baroque to Modern
ART 3302 Art of Antiquity
ART 3305 Early Christian and Byzantine
ART 3306 Byzantine and Medieval Art
ART 3307 The Early Renaissance
ART 3308 High Renaissance
ART 3310 Film as Art
ART 3311 American Art
ART 3312 Neo-Classicism and Romanticism
ART 3313 Backgrounds of Modern Art
ART 3314 Modern Art
ART 3315 Impressionism
ART 3320 Art of the Ancient Americas
ART 3325 Studies in the Baroque
ART 3331 English Art: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
ART 3389 Contemporary Art
ART 3391 History of Photography
ART 3392 History and Aesthetics of the Video Image
ART 4302 Greek and Roman Painting
ART 4303 Roman Art
ART 4304 The Etruscans
ART 4306 Mid-Renaissance
ART 4317 The Art of Nonwestern Traditions
ART 4330 Eighteenth Century Art
CLAS 3310 Introduction to Greek Civilization
CLAS 3320 Introduction to Roman Civilization
DNCE 1300 Dance Appreciation
HONR 2300 Honors Freshman Seminar
MUSI 1300 Music Appreciation
MUSI 1301 Elements of Music
MUSI 1302 History of Jazz
MUSI 2300 Musical Traditions of the World
MUSI 2301 Music in Film
MUSI 3300 Music History I
MUSI 3301 Music History II
THEA 1343 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 3307 Costume History
THEA 4303 Classical Theatre History